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Pochettino: I want to return to manage Tottenham again some day


Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata v Central Cordoba - Superliga 2019/20
I want that face back in my life
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Now that his gardening leave ends in May and he’s (nearly) free to look for another club to manage Mauricio Pochettino is starting to open up a bit about his time at Tottenham Hotspur. The former Spurs boss was let go in November after a dismal start to the 2019-20 Premier League season and when he and his players started to show some signs of fraying around the edges, and Daniel Levy opted to hire Jose Mourinho as his replacement.

However, it seems that while Tottenham was done with Poch, Poch may not be fully done with Tottenham. In comments to the media, Pochettino said that he’d love to some day return to North London to manage Spurs again, and win a title for the fans.

“It was an amazing journey that finished the way no one wanted it to finish. But deep in my heart I am sure our paths will cross again. From the day I left the club, my dream is to be back one day and to try to finish the work we didn’t finish. We were so close to winning the Premier League and Champions League.

“Of course I am looking forward to moving on and I am so motivated for the next project. But deep inside I want to go back because the fans are so special. Maybe in five years, maybe in 10 years, but before I die I want to manage Tottenham.

“I want to feel what it means to win one title with Tottenham because the fans are amazing, all the love we received was amazing and that is a good opportunity to pay back all the love they showed us from day one.”


Pochettino is strongly linked with Newcastle United now that they have a new ownership group bankrolled by Saudi Arabia, with numerous sources saying that he’s the top candidate for the job. It’s not clear, however, where Poch will go for his next job. Newcastle will be flush with cash, but like at Tottenham they have a substantial rebuilding job ahead of them to get them good again, and it’s not clear whether that sort of project will appeal to Pochettino when he just came off of one similar to that. There’s also the possibility of a big club like Real Madrid or PSG coming calling, and we all know that PSG in particular has its appeal to Poch.

Personally, I like Poch and don’t want to compete against him in the Premier League, so I hope he ends up in a different league whenever football restarts. Or better yet, I hope Daniel Levy realizes his mistake and brings him back to Spurs some day. It’s like they say, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.