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Dele Alli sustains minor injuries after break-in at home

A scary moment for the midfielder.

UEFA Champions League”Red Bull Leipzig v Tottenham Hotspur FC”

An early morning robbery has left Tottenham Hotspur star midfielder Dele Alli with some minor injuries to his face Wednesday at his London home. The Daily Mail has some details regarding the incident:

Two males broke into the back of Alli’s north London property just after midnight on Wednesday morning before threatening the Spurs star - who has been isolating with his brother Harry Hickford, their two partners and a long-term friend.

Following a scuffle, during which Alli suffered a minor facial injury, the two culprits proceeded to take various items including jewellery and watches before fleeing.

Alli and the other victims who were downstairs are said to be shaken.

The 24-year-old’s property is covered by CCTV and the footage has been passed on to the police, who have opened an investigation.

According to a spokesman for local police, the incident occurred just after Midnight. Some jewelry and watches were stolen. The two unknown men are still at large as the investigation continues. Dele hasn’t commented on the situation through any news outlet or social media.

I can’t imagine what is going through all of their minds to be dealing with quarantine like we all are and to now be robbed. The good news is that while everyone in the house are obviously shaken up, there were no serious injuries.