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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, May 20

What happened here?

Soccer - FA Barclaycard Premiership - Tottenham Hotspur v Bolton Wanderers Photo by Nigel French/EMPICS via Getty Images

Hello, everyone!

Today we have former Tottenham defender Stephen Carr, even though Getty has some new pictures of current Spurs players available at my disposal. Unfortunately, they’re all not so great pictures of them in their cars, but the club did share this picture of Son Heung-min. His hair’s grown in nicely.

Ramble of the Day

How do I introduce something like this? I don’t; I just share the picture and let it do the talking.

I couldn’t begin to explain it to you. It’s not like I didn’t try to find the explanation, either — two reverse image searches on Google could not find me the listing for this home. I combed the replies of the original tweet and could not find concrete answers. All I have are the guesses of others, and guesses of my own, so I suppose I’ll start there.

I just cannot believe that this could be an intentional design, so for me, that has to be an accident. It looks like someone just forgot to include the oven when planning (and constructing) this kitchen, but I still wonder if that explains the whole thing. When we were discussing this in the Cartilage Free Captain writers’ room the other day, someone pointed out this theory:

If we move on to aesthetics, this kitchen continues to be a mess. That oven is the worst version of an island in a kitchen (and one I couldn’t have even envisioned as a possibility). I feel for the person who attempted to make it a bit more normal with that side table; it didn’t work at all, but the task of making that space look remotely attractive is probably an impossible one.

We also must discuss the shelf above the oven that’s holding spices, a shelf I imagine is a bit too high for many people. Lastly ... imagine having to look at the back of an oven.

tl;dr: What the heck happened so the above kitchen has an oven as an island?

Links of the Day


The Court of Arbitration for Sport will hear Manchester City’s appeal against its two season European ban from June 8.

David Squires covers football’s return in Germany in his latest cartoon.

Today’s longer read: David Hytner reports on the Premier League revisiting the idea of B teams in lower leagues and differing opinions on the matter that make the plan difficult to achieve for The Guardian