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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, May 4

National treasures (not the movie)

Nicola Berti of Tottenham celebrates his teams goal

Hi, everyone!

Today at the top is former Spurs midfielder Nicola Berti, and I’m in good spirits after maximizing the nice weather over the weekend with multiple walks, warm weather clothes, and open windows to enjoy the breeze while I type.

Ramble of the Day

I’ve had a question sitting in my notes for a little while, so might as well ask: Who is your country’s national treasure?

Like every open ended question, it will reveal your own definition of what a national treasure is. Since I’m also asking you to reflect on your own experiences, it’ll be fairly revealing about your own perceptions about where you’re from and/or live. Since there are a number of Americans and British people here, I imagine there may a little bit of discussion or debate, but that’s just a bonus. (For those in the United Kingdom: feel free to break down for each of the home countries if you’d like, your choice.)

My entry for the United States: Oprah Winfrey.

I define national treasure as someone (almost) universally adored in their country for both their talent and personality, which I struggled with at first. There are a lot of popular people, and a lot of people who are the most popular of a group; Beyoncé could be considered one, Meryl Streep another, Serena Williams could be the athletes’ entry, and even Meghan Markle could be a candidate. (I’m serious! She doesn’t project nearly the same hostility over here, and as the American royal has garnered not just popularity but fondness from many.)

It would not be a stretch to describe any of them as a national treasure (except maybe Markle, but don’t pick on her or me for the inclusion — I was brainstorming), but I think Winfrey truly outranks them. Quite simply, there is not a person like her when you separate or combine the elements. She was the person that molded daytime television in the U.S., and the person who no one can come close to matching as imitators come and go. A two time Academy Award nominee, she’s got other talents. She is emblematic of the American dream in more ways than one, and then on top of that dedicated many of her resources to helping others. To cap it off, she seems like a genuinely wonderful person to be around casually.

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World Cup fever at our house!

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You may disagree about the allegiance, but isn’t it sweet that technically was rooting for all the teams? (I respect the Mexico choice, for what it’s worth.)

I was listening to Who Weekly the other day, and host Lindsey Weber described her as a “once in a lifetime person,” but I wonder if she’s even more than that. Has there ever been a person like Winfrey? Will there ever be another? I couldn’t say, but it will be a difficult task (that, really, no one should try).

tl;dr: Today’s question is of who your country’s national treasure is, and I pick Oprah Winfrey from the United States.

Links of the Day


A judge dismissed the USWNT’s equal pay claim against U.S. Soccer, but the players will appeal.
Supplemental reading: Caitlin Murray breaks down the numbers after the judge ruled the USWNT was paid more than the USMNT for Yahoo

Atléti’s Kieran Trippier was charged by the FA for breaching betting rules.

Netherlands men’s manager Ronald Koeman had heart surgery, but will return home Monday.

Today’s longer read: Donald McRae interviews PSG’s Nadia Nadim on her journey from escaping Afghanistan as a refugee to being a semester away from becoming a surgeon for The Guardian