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Carty Free LIVE!: Streaming Tottenham’s cast-off team in FIFA 20

Maybe you guys can help pick the squad each match...

Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City - FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Rob Newell - CameraSport via Getty Images

Remember a little over a month ago when I posted that article of the Spurs cast-offs squad and talked about streaming it? Well, it’s time to pull the trigger on that.

It’s taken longer than I thought, but I’m ready to go on Mixer. I thought I had to make a channel but it turned out I already had one for viewing. After jumping through some hoops with Microsoft, the channel is ready, complete with a mascot that you should notice.

At 7PM ET, I’ll kick off streaming. Right now, the plan is to stream most evenings at the same time with the exception of the weekends, but I still have side work going on so this isn’t going to be an every night thing to start.

The video to the stream is embedded below, but I encourage you to create an account and hop into the chat to interact. I did have to set rules of course, so don’t expect anarchy and chaos.

Anyways, the link to the stream is in that tweet above and I hope you swing by.