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Report: New contract in the works for Serge Aurier

Mourinho the fullback whisperer now?

UEFA Champions League”Red Bull Leipzig v Tottenham Hotspur FC”

While the English Premier League weighs options on how to finish the 2019-20 campaign, transfer rumors have started popping up more frequently involving just about any player with under three years remaining on their contracts.

Serge Aurier fits that mold. The Ivorian fullback has two years remaining on his current deal, and while we’ve had some ups and downs with him on the pitch, ultimately he’s been a quality player and seemed to thrive in Jose Mourinho’s system. It seems Mourinho sees the same as Le10Sport claims that a new contract is in the works.

Selon nos informations, Tottenham souhaite en effet prolonger Serge Aurier, qui dispose encore de deux années de contrat. Les Spurs devraient lui offrir un nouveau bail dans les semaines à venir et ainsi lui offrir l’opportunité de rester durablement du côté de Londres. Courtisé ces derniers mois par des écuries européennes intéressées par son gabarit et ses atouts offensifs, l’Ivoirien pourrait être clairement tenté par la poursuite de cette aventure à Tottenham.

Translated, Spurs are looking to lock him down to a new deal as the 27-year-old is in his prime. Given the current situation in the world and the question about how it affects the transfer market is unanswered, it makes sense that Spurs should lock down players they feel will help them compete once play resumes.

As previously mentioned, Mourinho’s system seemed to play to Aurier’s strengths. It allows him to bomb forward in attack and provide crosses into the box while not leaving him out to dry in defense on the right flank. Given he fits the system like a glove, offering him a new deal isn’t the dumbest idea out there. However, in the article there’s an interesting little quote at the end:

Sur les tablettes du Milan AC, qui lorgne également sur Zeki Celik (LOSC), Serge Aurier devrait privilégier le challenge des Spurs à un départ vers un autre championnat.

That’s interesting. This also suggests that Serie A side AC Milan have contacted Spurs about his availability while also keeping an eye on Zeki Celik at LOSC Lille.

The bottom line is this: Spurs may have to do some creative accounting (aka Levy Specials™) in order to fill some holes in the squad for the upcoming season. The club has been linked with Thomas Meunier, who is out of contract and can be signed on a free transfer, though other clubs are sniffing around. I would love to have a combination of Aurier and Meunier as options on that side of the pitch, especially if all it costs Spurs at this point is wages.

We’ll keep an eye out on this one. AC Milan probably aren’t going to pull the trigger on this and it may just be agent talk to get Aurier a new deal at Tottenham Hotspur.