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The Tottenham Hotspur Tarot: VII – The Chariot

Moving forward.

Mystical wanderers,,,,hello. I, Troy Parrott, Tarot Pro, am continuing our journey through and exploration of the Tarot. In this series, we are examining each card of the major arcana, using a special North London themed deck of my own design. What do the cards hold in store for your future?

Today, we move on to Card VII: The Chariot. (Of Fire!)

VII – The Chariot

Moussa Sissok-go.


Willpower, action, success, determination


Stuck, lack of movement, loss of control

The Chariot is all about action. It represents direction, purpose, willpower, and drive. Chariots are built for movement. They have wheels, and they’re connected to literal horsepower. Ever seen Ben Hur? Chariots are about speed and power, and the person in the driver’s seat is the one who controls every vector of the chariot’s movement. Indeed, the Chariot’s driver isn’t even holding reins — he has a wand in his hand, implying that some sort of magical power or the mere force of his will is enough to drive the Chariot towards his goal. The chariot itself is adorned with wings, implying a tie with birds, or perhaps Mercury, and definitely suggesting speed. This is a chariot, of fire (coming from the back).

We would expect to see horses in front of the Chariot. We do not. Instead, there are two sphinxes, diametrically colored and representing opposing forces which the Charioteer must control or connect. Bridging the gap between offense and defense? Ain’t no thing. He stands at all times, under a canopy filled depicted as the night sky filled with stars, ready to spring into action. He moves forward inexorably, like the river he stands in front of.

But chariots aren’t subtle objects. There is power here, but there is little finesse. You are likely to see the Charioteer move with intent, barging ahead with little regard to what’s around him. Passing? Whatever. Chariots may run around in rings, but they vastly prefer straight lines. The Charioteer is the proverbial work horse, a try-hard whose inclination is to drive forward to fulfill his goals at all times. Did you draw the chariot? Your goal is worthy, you are enabled to pursue it. This is a card of encouragement. Put your head down and run, friend.

But what of the inverted Chariot? Whooooooaaaaaa Nelly. Should the Charioteer appear upside down, it is a sign that there are obstacles in your path, a symbolic speed bump perhaps, or an actual Ngolo Kante. It doesn’t necessarily mean that things will grind or have ground to a halt, though that is certainly one interpretation. It could also signify that the one should exercise caution, or symbolize that things are proceeding without your usual control. Why try and dribble through three players when Tanguy is just standing right there, wide open?

It is also a symbol that you are proceeding recklessly, or without proper foresight and consideration. Perhaps things have been spiraling out of control slightly, or you have yet to establish yourself in a new surrounding after turning off your phone on the tarmac. The key to counteracting an inverted Chariot is persistence and patience. Maybe you’re doing too much, or maybe it’s simply fate’s call for you to simplify and focus on your strengths, letting others mitigate your deficiencies.

The Chariot is not static, and neither is the card. It can appear and reappear in various alignments depending on many factors, but it should be a way of identifying whether the path you are on is the correct one.

Come back tomorrow and we shall discuss the next card in the Tottenham Hotspur Tarot.