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The Tottenham Hotspur Tarot: XVI – The Tower

Mystical wanderers,,,,hello. I, Troy Parrott, Tarot Pro, am continuing our journey through and exploration of the Tarot. What else am I to do while recovering from an appendectomy?

We are now over halfway through our our examination of the 22 major arcana cards, using a special North London themed deck of my own design. Draw the cards, gentle reader. See what they have to say.

Today, we move on to Card XVI: The Tower.

XVI: The Tower


Change, upheaval, revelation


Stasis, disbelief, status quo, delay

The Tower is the card of change. Not just change, drastic, cataclysmic upheaval. It is the destruction of what is there to make way for what is new. See: the Tower is struck by lightning, which causes it to burst into flames. It doesn’t matter how long the Tower has stood there or how well it was built — it cannot stand before the lightning’s power. It must give way. Two figures are jumping out of the windows in desperation to escape, preferring to take their chances by falling than remain in the building.

Sometimes, no matter how strong your principles, you cannot stop what is coming. Best to accept it. After all, you can’t build the best stadium in Europe without relocating a few ironworkers, right?

Upright, the Tower represents that kind of cataclysmic, out-of-the-blue shock to the system change that can rock a person to their core. Maybe it’s a sudden job change, or a personal tragedy. Perhaps it’s a compulsory purchase order on your longstanding business right across the street from a prominent public building. Either way, while you may be able to delay for a while, you cannot prevent what is coming. The upright Tower is telling you to let it burn — accept the consequences of this destruction so you can build again anew, possibly even better.

If you want a more positive spin, the Tower doesn’t have to be tragic. It can represent an earth-shaking revelation that can refocus you completely. But when the Tower appears, expect something ground-breaking that will shake your very foundations.

Inverted, the Tower is much the same as upright, though it takes on a more personal bent. Massive change is still coming, but this time it is likely instigated by you. It is you who are walking into the situation that will foment the change and you are doing it with your eyes wide open. The inverted Tower is the Tower of the squad rebuild; the Tower upright is Sol Campbell’s Tower.

This card is probably the most eventful card in the deck, as it portends upheaval on a great scale. If the Tower appears in your spread, tread carefully. And avoid the lasagna.

Come back tomorrow and we shall discuss the next card in the Tottenham Hotspur Tarot.