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The Tottenham Hotspur Tarot: XX – Judgement

Mystical wanderers,,,,hello. I, Troy Parrott, Tarot Pro, am continuing our journey through and exploration of the Tarot. What else am I to do while recovering from an appendectomy?

We are nearly all the way through our our examination of the 22 major arcana cards, using a special North London themed deck of my own design. In this series we are looking at these special cards and how they may interpret your life in your tarot readings.

Today, we move on to Card XX: Judgement.

XX: Judgement


Rebirth, absolution, awakening, purpose, reckoning


Self-doubt, self-loathing, failure, ignorance

Judgement takes the form of the savior of English football, descending from the heavens. Proudly displaying the Holy Standard of the Empire, he blows his trumpet and lo! See — marvel at the discarded and unwanted young English players that rise from the bench to meet him! They jump from their graves in the U23s, buried as they were by unambitious clubs and managers, and emerge into the light where they may be seen, instructed, and judged. All they need is a chance!

Upright, Judgement is another card of transition — the tarot is full of those, you might even call it a theme — but unlike other cards such as The Tower or Death, the transition brought about by Judgement comes through reason and deduction. The subject of Judgement’s... well, judgement are uplifted and transformed through logic. Judgement tends to show up when someone is close to achieving something new. Perhaps this person is doing well at a lower level, ipso facto he should be given a chance at a higher level. Who knows, that decision could start a meteoric rise that takes them to the pinnacle of their field, giving Judgement something to bring up and endlessly recollect when interviewed on Sky Sports.

Judgement means it is time to let the past slip behind you and embrace the future, which lies ahead. Is there, perhaps, a tie-in to the first card of the major arcana, The Fool? Judgement isn’t telling, he’s too busy calculating his win ratio.

Inverted, Judgement may appear when the universe is trying to tell you something about your future, but you’re not listening, because you’re too busy running Swindon Town into the ground. It can indicate self-doubt and failure. It could indicate that you are being overly judgmental of others (“Que?”) You might say it’s the thrown gilet of the tarot. Something is calling to you, but you are turning away, perhaps out of fear or perhaps because you are distracted by something else. If Judgement comes upside down, open your mind and try and hear what is being said to you. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if the universe sends you packing to the metaphorical pundit circuit, and all that remains of your legacy is a puff of brimstone and a gilet.

Come back tomorrow and we shall discuss the FINAL card in the Tottenham Hotspur Tarot.