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Tottenham Hotspur confirm a positive COVID-19 test

Don’t expect to find out who it is, either.


We’re rapidly approaching the expected restart of the 2019-2020 Premier League and Tottenham Hotspur, like every other club, are preparing for it in the midst of the global pandemic.

As part of the guidelines set in place, weekly testing is being done at each club’s training facility. While the positive test numbers have remained in the single digits each week, it’s a stark reminder that the virus is still with us. Tottenham had avoided a positive test, but that’s changed as the club confirmed today:

The full release is as follows:

We have been informed by the Premier League that we have received one positive test for COVID-19 following the latest round of testing at our Training Centre.

Due to medical confidentiality, the individual’s name will not be disclosed.

They are currently asymptomatic and will now self-isolate for seven days, in line with Premier League protocol, before undergoing further testing.

We shall continue to strictly adhere to the Premier League’s Return to Training protocol, which ensures our Training Centre remains a safe and virus-free working environment.

There’s nothing unexpected with this release: The individual’s name will not be released and they will self-isolate. We aren’t going to know for a little while if this individual has infected others at the club. We also don’t know what role they have as this testing is covering players, coaches and staff.

With the Premier League set to restart on June 17, if this person is a player, they will almost certainly miss the opening match and possibly more after that if they develop symptoms. But, that is simply an observation and not at all suggesting that this is a player who has tested positive. To do so would be pure conjecture and that’s not the proper way of reporting this.

We’ll see if more information comes out but don’t hold your breath as confidentiality laws are in place to protect identities.