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The Tottenham Hotspur Tarot: XI – Justice

The Judge is here and he is making it all about himself.

Mystical wanderers,,,,hello. I, Troy Parrott, Tarot Pro, am continuing our journey through and exploration of the Tarot. We are now over halfway through our our examination of the 22 major arcana cards, using a special North London themed deck of my own design. Draw the cards, gentle reader. See what they have to say.

Today, we move on to Card XI: Justice.

XI: Justice


Fairness, law, truth


Unfairness, intemperance, injustice

The thing about the major arcana is that it seems to feature many figures seated on thrones. Today’s card is no exception. Justice is the card of rules, laws, and truth. The High Judge again sits on a raised platform, wears a crown, and scowls down on those under his rule. He is the arbiter, the one who decides right from wrong, truth from lies, and the one who delivers justice for those who deserve it... or simply need it.

See the Judge. He wears, again, royal red robes of office. He is an important figure, and he wants you to know it, for how else will you respect his word? In his hands are the two symbols of his justice: the yellow card upraised in his right hand is the card of warning, but also that of absolution. The red card in his left hand is downturned, suggesting that while it is not his preferred tool, the Judge will have no compunction to use it when needed.

Upright, the card represents forthcoming judgement, but perhaps not in the way you may want. Judgement cares only for what is true, and not necessarily for what is fair. You may desire judgement, but the ruling could take you in unexpected directions and it may not be the one you thought you were going to receive. And once the Judge has ruled, the results are final. No take-backs. No do-overs. He will have no hesitation to write your name in his (teeny tiny) book and tell you where you stand (with a spray can of disappearing foam), and he loves, LOVES to make everything about him.

Inverted Justice is the card of the diver and the embellisher. It’s the card for those who surround the judge to plead their case when they know they have done wrong. It is Neymar rolling across the pitch. It is John Terry kneeing a dude in the back. It is the tactical DOGSO. It is a Champions League hand-ball penalty that #actually hit his shoulder first. But it can also appear for those who are overly harsh on their own abilities — the substituted player who slams his kit to the ground. The manager who kicks the water bottle. The player who shoulders the entire team’s burden, and never lets himself off the hook. When Inverted Justice comes, look to your own actions and think about what you have done: are you furthering the cause of truth? Or are you so selfish that you would shove the crown down over Justice’s eyes?

Come back tomorrow and we shall discuss the next card in the Tottenham Hotspur Tarot.