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Rank the worst moments of Spurs’ 2019-20 season

There were a lot of lows, so might as well rank them


Tottenham Hotspur’s worst season in a number of years is finally behind us, though the wounds are still fairly fresh. Just weeks removed from the Champions League final, there was a reasonable amount of hope for 2019-20, particularly after the signings the team made. As Fantine sung, though, then it all went wrong.

The next 11 months saw one unpleasant event after another, from injuries to managerial changes. So many low points were achieved, and in sometimes creative and unpredictable ways; on the day the season started with a 3-1 home win over Aston Villa that saw Tanguy Ndombele score on his debut, could you have possibly believed a number of players would be in trouble for breaking lockdown rules imposed by the United Kingdom during a pandemic because their manager asked them to train together outside, and that the manager was José Mourinho?

It would be nonsensical to avoid the up and (frequently) down nature of the 2019-20 season in any piece looking back on it, considering a seven minute brainstorming session ended with me jotting 18 different disappointing events. Acknowledging is the baseline reaction, though ranking these events is a step or two past acceptance, but what did the last eleven months do if not set us up to compare and contrast these moments of pain?

Before we forget, I ask that we remember one last time, though I’m certain we won’t forget this season that quickly. Presenting first in chronological order only before you each rank them worst to least worst, the 23 worst moments of the 2019-20 season.