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Bat Country: For the last time, Spurs are not buying Gareth Bale

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Real Madrid CF v Villarreal CF - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

I can’t believe we have to go through this again, but here we are.

Browsing Twitter last night, I came across several threads suggesting that Real Madrid were offering Tottenham Hotspur the opportunity to purchase Gareth Bale. The source comes from Diario Sport, a Spanish tabloid who focus almost exclusively on Barcelona and Real Madrid while doing general coverage of European leagues. The problem with the source is that it says what Madrid will sell Bale for (€17m) but never actually links Spurs to Bale.

El galés junto al colombiano encabezan el capítulo de salidas y donde el Real Madrid está dispuesto a vender a precio de saldo y muy lejos de las pretensiones iniciales que ahora mismo baraja tanto por el galés como el colombiano. Para el club blanco es estratégica estas dos salidas porque son jugadores que no cuentan para Zidane y con dos fichas muy elevadas. Eh en caso del galés alrededor de 17 millones de euros y unos 8,5 millones en el caso del colombiano.

Sport is basically stating the obvious in the article: Madrid are trying to move both James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale on in any possible way because neither player are in Zinedine Zidane’s plans. We all know this, especially since Spanish media have made it a point to follow Bale’s golfing as much as possible.

The bat country truly kicks in when outlets such as report on it as if Tottenham are actively pursuing the 31-year-old Welsh winger. Then there’s The Express, who decide to run a click-bait headline that says “Gareth Bale tipped to snub Real Madrid stay and seal Tottenham transfer” even though the article itself says this:

Reports had claimed he was keen to return to the Premier League this summer, and would walk away if Madrid would subsidise his wages or buy him out.

But Townsend, Bale’s old team-mate at Spurs, believes the Welshman would be better off returning to north London, because he was the main man at the Whites.

He explained that he believes the 31-year-old will be unhappy with the way he’s been treated by Spanish media, and would prefer a return to England.

Bale spent six years at Tottenham, scoring 55 goals in 203 games for the Whites, and Townsend thinks he should look to go back.

“I think if anything Bale wants to go back to Spurs,” the Crystal Palace winger said.

It looks like The Express took an Andros Townsend quote and twisted it into a link that is as flimsy as it gets. It’s almost impressive, but it’s still absolutely nothing that people are running with.

Gareth Bale is on £600k/week, give or take. Spurs weren’t going to pay that even if this wasn’t a strained transfer window, let alone pay a transfer fee for him. Bale has also made it perfectly clear that after his move to China was blocked that he’s going to run down his contract and collect every last bit of cash. I don’t think there’s a single rational person that blames him, which is probably everyone who isn’t a fan of Real Madrid. He had a move that was going to pay him seven figures a week and Madrid scuppered the deal because they weren’t going to get a transfer fee out of it.

We’re all about following transfer rumors here as closely as we can, but unless hell freezes over, Bale isn’t going to be suiting up at Tottenham this season.