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Tottenham to open 2020-21 Premier League season home to Everton

No, this isn’t a “leak” — this is straight from the source.

Tottenham Hotspur v Olympiacos FC: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

The Premier League has released fixtures for the 2020-21 season, which means fans of clubs like Tottenham Hotspur can now look at their matchups for the next several months and banter about things like always starting the season away from home, strings of difficult away matches, and “run-ins.”

So let’s get straight to it! Here are Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League fixtures for 2020-21.

So, a couple of reactions. First — for the second season in a row, Tottenham actually open the season at home. Nature is healing. I joke, but over the past decade it sure seems like Spurs always started the new season away from home. Now there seems to be a course correction in place. Ultimately, where you start the season has virtually no impact on where you finish, but it’s still kinda nice.

Secondly, looking at just the Premier League season doesn’t reveal many stretches that are particularly onerous. Usually you can point to a month or a couple of weeks where you face strings of matches against top four opponents, grit your teeth and mutter “yikes,” but there aren’t that many. There’s really one stretch — a period in late November into December that features matches against Manchester City (H), Chelsea (A), Arsenal (H), Palace (A), Liverpool (A). Everything else seems pretty balanced.

BUT! That’s not the whole picture, because we also need to factor in Europa League and cup fixtures into the mix as well. As one of my colleagues in the Carty Free Slack pointed out, if Spurs make the group stages of the Europa League then the late fall/winter gets hairy pretty quickly. And this doesn’t include the Carabao Cup, the full schedule to which I haven’t yet seen.

  • 10/17 — West Ham (H)
  • 10/22 — Europa League
  • 10/24 — Burnley (A)
  • 10/29 — Europa League
  • 10/31 — Brighton (H)
  • 11/5 — Europa League
  • 11/7 — West Brom (A)
  • 11/21 — Manchester City (H)
  • 11/26 — Europa League
  • 11/28 — Chelsea (A)
  • 12/3 — Europa League
  • 12/5 — Arsenal (H)
  • 12/10 — Europa League
  • 12/12 — Crystal Palace (A)
  • 12/16 — Liverpool (A)

grits teeth Yikes.

What do you think of the overall schedule? Have your say in the comments.