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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, August 31

Drive-in movies

Tottenham Hotspur Unveil New Signing Matt Doherty Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hello, all!

To celebrate the drop of the first three episodes of All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, here’s O-Town’s 2001 song, “All or Nothing.”

Ramble of the Day

I have spent a decent amount of time thinking about drive-in movie theaters this summer, for pretty obvious reasons. I have also spent a decent amount of time complaining a bit about them — not the idea of them, but more the films they have lined up. Since about May, there have been a few drive-ins within reach for me but I’ve only gotten around to one because I have been disappointed with the selection. It’s not a major problem, of course, because I can watch basically whatever I want in the comfort of my own home and the primary function of a movie theater, still, for me is to see new movies when they’re new. But really, the reason I’ve spent this much time thinking about drive-in movie theaters is because I feel like I’d have a bit of fun deciding the programming.

I have very informally done this over the course of the pandemic because I’ve naturally spent more time indoors, but I really wing it most weeks. I imagine a little more thought goes into picking programming for a drive-in movie theater, beyond just accounting for the tastes of more than a handful of people. A lot of drive-ins around me have opted for old classics or kids’ movies, all worth their time but I’d definitely try to vary things a little more. I’d definitely throw some popular independent films in there, vary up the genres and filmmaking styles as much as I could, and definitely try to to appeal to different crowds. There are probably a number of obstacles that come up with the rights to show movies, but I imagine there’d still be enough choice to create a diverse group of films worth showing.

Honestly, all I’m saying is that I’ve thought about it, and that it sounds like a little bit of fun.

tl;dr: I sometimes think about what types of movies I’d show if I was responsible for the programming at a drive-in movie theater.

Stay informed, read this: Clint Smith on the icon Chadwick Boseman became for portraying real and fictional Black heroes for The Atlantic

Links of the Day

Dell Loy Hansen will sell Real Salt Lake after multiple accounts of Hansen being blatantly racist became public.

Lionel Messi did not turn up for a preseason medical day required for Barcelona players.

Transfer updates: Juventus signed Weston McKennie on loan from Schalke; West Ham signed Emily van Egmond on loan from the Orlando Pride; Crystal Palace signed Eberechi Eze from QPR; Leeds signed Rodrigo from Valencia and Robin Koch from Freiburg; Fulham signed Mario Lemina and Harrison Reed on loan from Southampton

A longer read: Samantha Lewis and Joey Lynch on the process to hire the next Australia women’s manager, and the weight of the decision as the Matildas’ golden generation enters its prime years for ESPN