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Lazio have bid accepted by Beijing Guoan for Kim Min-Jae

However, it seems Monster has eyes for England.

South Korea v Japan - Men’s EAFF E-1 Football Championship Photo by Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur are on their way to eastern Europe for a qualification match in the UEFA Europa League. While the players prepare, Daniel Levy is no doubt working the phone lines trying to find deals to bring more players into the club.

A player Spurs have been linked to for quite some time now is Korean International center back Kim Min-Jae. The reports started as very loose links and quickly evolved into people tracking flights from Asia. Those reports died off a bit as Levy went into his usual hard-line stance of negotiations, but now it appears Beijing Guoan are trying to force our chairman’s hand. Korean news outlet SPOTV (via Jason Hanshin Lee) are reporting that the Chinese club have accepted a bid from Lazio.

Lazio have a problem in their back line currently. Luiz Felipe is currently dealing with an ankle injury while backup Denis Vavro has a muscle problem. That leaves Lazio with just three healthy center backs while two of them are over the age of 30. They’re in need of some depth and bringing in Monster would certainly help them out.

While their bid of €13m + options has been accepted, the second part of that tweet is where we can still have hope that Levy stops playing games and gets a deal done. Reports have been consistent that Monster wants to move to London to play with Son Heung-Min. A move from one continent to another is going to takes adjustment and having a fellow national team player will help that move immensely.

We’ve talked about Monster plenty on this site and we were wondering when the links would fire back up. Beijing Guoan are probably well aware of Monster’s desires so this feels like the Chinese club throwing up a huge neon sign to Levy saying “Your move.” We know Levy loves to negotiate a price down as much as possible, but for a mere €13m?

Pull the damn trigger and bring him in, Levy.