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ESPN: Sergio Reguilon to Tottenham transfer in “final stages”


Spain v Ukraine - UEFA Nations League Photo by Manuel Queimadelos/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Can this day get any more crazy? ESPN is now reporting “multiple sources” that state a deal between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur is in place that will see left back Sergio Reguilon move to North London, with just a few details left to be resolved.

The deal is reportedly for €30m and Reguilon will sign a five year contract. There is no information on Reguilon’s wages, but a quick Google suggests that he’s currently on about £36k/week at Madrid. Spurs could certainly afford to give him a bump in salary and stay within their budget.

Reguilon was the starting left back for Sevilla while on loan there this season, and won the Europa League with them just a few weeks ago.

There has been other reporting that suggests that Real Madrid insisted on inserting a buy-back clause of €35-40m into the deal, something that is usually a big no-no for Daniel Levy. However, buy-back clauses are usually only a thing if the player wants to return to the club. Considering Reguilon was reportedly pretty deep in Zinedine Zidane’s doghouse, that doesn’t seem to be much of an issue so long as Zidane’s tenure at Madrid continues.

This transfer moved very fast, and it’s also pretty exciting as left back has been an area of major concern for Spurs this season. Considering the speed of this rumor, it would not surprise me if we on the East Coast of USA wake up to an announcement from the club stating how much they are delighted.