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Tottenham to face Leyton Orient in Carabao Cup Third Round

The Mighty O’s staged a comeback against Plymouth to set up the showdown next week.

Leyton Orient v Plymouth Argyle - Carabao Cup Second Round Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Hey remember a couple of weeks ago (or was it six months ago? time is a flat circle) when I wrote an article about Tottenham having to travel to Leyton Orient in the Carabao Cup and how it was bad that it’s an away match but good that they’re staying in London, only to completely forget that the O’s had to beat Plymouth first?

Well, it turns out I was right all along. Orient came back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Plymouth, a division higher than them, 3-2 today to set up a date with Tottenham next week.

I probably could just cut and paste what I put in my previous article about Leyton Orient, and because it’s been a hell of a day and I’m tired, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Orient is a club that is a popular “other club” for a lot of London Premier League fans, and it’s also special to Harry Kane — it was the club that gave him a chance on loan when he was a young striker just trying to make his mark in the world. Because of that, Kane decided to sponsor Orient’s shirts for the 2020-21 season out of his own pocket, displaying various charities of Kane’s choosing on the front of their kits this season.

It potentially puts Kane in the weird position of perhaps having to play against the team who’s shirts he’s sponsoring. That said, it’s very possible that Kane may not play in this match at all, as it’s coming in a very busy period of time for Spurs. Check out their schedule:

  • EPL — vs. Everton, 9/13
  • Europa — @ Plovdiv, 9/17
  • EPL — @ Southampton, 9/20
  • Carabao Cup — @ Leyton Orient 9/22
  • Europa — @ Botosani/Shkëndija, 9/24
  • EPL — vs. Newcastle, 9/26
  • Carabao Cup Fourth Round, 9/29
  • Europa — Play-off round (TBD), 10/1
  • EPL — @ Manchester United, 10/3

This match will also be a good opportunity to pay tribute to the late Justin Edinburgh, a former Tottenham player who made 213 appearances for Spurs, and was Orient’s manager until he passed away from a heart attack in June 2019.

Honestly, if I knew Spurs were going to bomb out of the FA Cup a la Colchester last season, I couldn’t pick a better club to lose to. (I hope we win, though.)