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Celebrate Gareth Bale’s return to Tottenham with a t-shirt

Big Tottenham moments deserve BreakingT shirts.

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OK, admit it. You missed the big guy. Maybe not his hair, but him.

I did too. We can talk and argue about whether or not it was a GOOD idea to bring back Gareth Bale under Jose Mourinho from his seven year exile in Madrid, and we certainly will, but you can’t deny that seeing him return to the club where he first made his name has been a shot of adrenaline to what’s already been a divisive season.

MAN does it feel good to Bale him in a Tottenham Hotspur shirt again.

Speaking of Tottenham Hotspur shirts... well, we have another one.

Just like before, we’ve partnered with BreakingT to commemorate this big-time moment in Spurs history with a t-shirt, featuring Bale’s signature goal-scoring celebration, the heart-hands. May we see many of these at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this season. (Yes, we know that Sonny does this too. Gareth did it first.)

Like before, the shirts are unisex and range in size from S to 3XL. They’re the same cotton blend as the other BreakingT shirts you’ve ordered from this website before.

In full disclosure, if you order from the referral link in this article, we’ll get a small commission from BreakingT, and just like always those funds are going to charity. So you get a cool shirt and you’re also helping further a good cause. It’s win-win!

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Or in this case, your hands, which are also on your shirt and are actually Gareth Bale’s hands because that’s his celebration. Whatever, it’s a cool shirt. Go get one.

Order Your Shirt from BreakingT today!