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Tottenham officially release 2020-21 yellow third shirts

They are... good!

More news today from the Image and Branding Dept. of Tottenham Hotspur as the club finally announced the long-since-leaked yellow third kits for 2020-21. And dare I say it, they look better than I thought. The new kits will be available for sale beginning September 14.

So I was super skeptical about these kits when they were first leaked and I have to say I’m still not wild about the vertically centered crest and logo on the front chests. But the yellow gradient is a lot more subtle than I expected it to be, but the simple collar is great and since the shorts are the darker yellow the end result is really good. I bet they’ll look sharp on the pitch. Tanganga also shows that these shirts will look good with something other than yellow shorts, which is a bonus.

Finally, I was happy to see Spurs Women players prominently included in the promotional materials, picturing Ria Percival and Angela Addison, along with loanees Shelina Zadorsky and Alanna Williams. Also it was cool to see Japhet Tanganga take front and center in this shoot, and the fact that Erik Lamela is prominently featured clearly means we’re not selling him this season. Take it to the bank — ITK.

What do you think — will you be picking one up this season?