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Premier League postpones Villa vs. Tottenham, reschedules Fulham match for Wednesday

It looks like either way, Spurs will be playing on Wednesday

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Villa Park - Home of Aston Villa Football Club. Photo by VISIONHAUS

Editor’s note: shortly after this article was published, reports emerged that Tottenham’s scheduled match against Aston Villa at Villa Park is postponed, with the previously delayed match against Fulham at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to be rescheduled in the Villa slot on Wednesday.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League match against Aston Villa may or may not go forward this coming Wednesday, but it’s looking like Spurs will be playing football regardless.

According to the Athletic, while Wednesday’s match at Villa Park is in extreme doubt as the entire Villa squad is currently in COVID-19 isolation, Premier League officials are considering rescheduling the previously postponed Tottenham match against Fulham, which was originally set for December 30, to take place in that Wednesday time slot.

In some ways this would be pretty ideal for Spurs. While it doesn’t fully alleviate the fixture congestion that is already poised to stretch Spurs to the limit should they remain in all four competitions this season, it would take care of at least one of them. By contrast, postponing two matches for no fault of their own would really put Spurs in a bind should they make deep runs into the FA Cup and Europa League.

David Ornstein writes that Fulham are less than thrilled, however, as they played 120 minutes this weekend in the FA Cup and are also currently scheduled to play Chelsea this coming Friday. However, the league could opt to push back the Chelsea match to Saturday to give the Cottagers one more day.

No decision has been made yet by the league, either about the Villa match or the rescheduled Fulham match, but they better hurry up and make a decision. Either way Jose Mourinho isn’t likely to be happy — he’s currently preparing to play Aston Villa, and he may have to make an abrupt change to a completely different opponent with very little time to make the change.