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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, January 15

untuck your shirt

Tottenham Hotspur Women Training Session Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hello, all!

At the top today is forward Kit Graham, who joined the club in 2019.

Ramble of the Day

Over the holidays, I remembered this old Untuckit ad. I meant to share it at some point during the holidays, but I’m already three years late in sharing it so a few more weeks can’t hurt.

I’ll start this by disclosing my initial opinion of the company. I find the name funny, but I think the product is fine — I imagine there’s quite a market for men who want casual shirts they don’t want to tuck in. As a result, it is pretty funny to watch Untuckit take itself so seriously.

A mother calls her son, telling him to stop by for the holidays. The son’s significant other finds a picture of him and his dad and asks, “Are you guys alike?” The son says no; after all, his dad would rather be caught dead than wear an untucked shirt! The son does as his mother said and comes home for the holidays, and we get to watch him come out of his car and tuck in his shirt right in front of his parents’ house — we get to see it from afar and up close, in case you didn’t get the point. His mother quietly pleads with her husband, “Please try,” a request to finally stop tucking in his shirts. His relationship with his son is at stake! After all, there seems to be nothing else defining this relationship. The father finally obliges, untucks his shirt. The announcer confirms the reconciliation; the two found some “common ground,” and you can, too, if you and your loved ones get shirts you don’t have to tuck in.

I don’t remember this ad going particularly viral, but it could just be me — I do, though, remember discussing this in the Cartilage Free Captain writers’ room during a Premier League morning because the ad came up. The team at Untuckit obviously knew what it was doing, but this is the right level of over the top: the stakes are unnecessarily and unbelievably high, but nothing about it is particularly offensive. The added bonus is that it’s just amusing enough that it’s memorable a few years later. I suppose that’s the job done, then.

tl;dr: There was a funny Untuckit ad once that centered a father-son relationship around tucked in shirts.

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Links of the Day

Aston Villa’s match against Everton was postponed as the club continues to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Nobby Stiles’ family are ambassadors for Head for Change, a new charity launched to help those with neurodegenerative conditions caused by sporting careers.

CONCACAF rescheduled men’s Olympic qualifying for March in Mexico.

MLS’ Montréal Impact rebranded and is now FC Montréal.

A longer read: Joey Lynch on Melbourne Victory’s Catherine Zimmerman and Kayla Morrison, two Americans who rose through Australia’s lower leagues to truly launch their professional careers for ESPN