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Cartilage Free Captain’s sponsorship of Marine AFC is officially a go

And it’s time to show our work.

Marine FC Photo by Colin McPherson/Getty Images

This isn’t so much an article as it is just showing all of the steps completed for the fundraiser. As you’re all aware, Tottenham Hotspur take on Marine AFC in the FA Cup this weekend. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and donations, Cartilage Free Captain received donations totaling $12,690. Gofundme takes a fee of 2.9% plus fees, as shown here:

Payout from Gofundme

As I mentioned in the Hoddle yesterday, jumping through hoops with Gofundme is fun on its own, and it took over a week before they finalized the account and approved withdrawal of funds. We were left with $12,195.62 (£8958.60) to provide to Marine AFC.

I then had the fun of dealing with a credit union for an international wire transfer. That delayed us another few days as we had to work with a larger bank in order to complete the process. Thankfully, that cleared yesterday evening. There was a $40 fee to complete the transfer overseas, as shown here for the final step. Forgive the resolution being kind of rough:

Wire transfer

So there you have it! All steps have been completed and we are a go! £7500 of the money is for the official sponsorship of the shorts. The remainder is going to Marine AFC’s charity and we’ll have more on that later in the week.

As for the shorts, as badly as we want to show them to you, we’re going to wait until Thursday when Marine officially reveals them. This is their show and we’re thrilled to be a part of the act.

Once more, a big thank you to all of you. Without you guys, this never gets off the ground.