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Tottenham Hotspur to open stadium for coronavirus vaccinations

Spurs volunteer their home ground to serve as a vaccination hub for North London

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have gotten a shot in the arm thanks to recent positive results on the pitch. Now, they’re volunteering their stadium to get shots of vaccine in the arms of the most vulnerable members of North London.

When the coronavirus first emerged in the spring of 2020 and forced the shutdown of domestic football in the UK, Tottenham Hotspur volunteered use of its sparkly new stadium to the National Health Service to serve as a hub for expanded medical services and testing in North London. Now, with a new variant rampaging through the country and both infections, hospitalizations, and deaths spiking, Spurs are offering up its stadium again to serve as a central location for COVID-19 vaccinations.

It’s an obvious decision and a natural one for Spurs to make. The infrastructure is already there for Spurs to dedicate unused stadium space for the NHS, and with the country working to get as many vaccine shots in arms as possible, Tottenham’s giant stadium is a perfect landmark and location to further that mission.

Sky Sports, in a report, went on to say that professional footballers will not be first in line to receive a vaccine, despite England going into full lockdown (but professional football continuing). Likewise, clubs will not be permitted to secure a private supply of the vaccine for their players, with emphasis to continue to focus on early vaccinations for health care workers, the elderly, and the most vulnerable.