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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Wednesday, October 13

Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Hi, all!

Very limited sample size, but Aston Villa and Brighton are the teams we collectively mind the least, and apparently I mind fewer teams than everyone else.

Ramble of the Day

Sometime in the last year or so, I somewhat suddenly started accepting pickles. I believe it happened when I was ordering a Popeyes chicken sandwich some time ago, and shamed myself into not having a sandwich that was just chicken, sauce, and bread — one pickled vegetable is better than no vegetables at all. (Note to self: I should stop rambling about Popeyes because then I crave it.) I would describe the experience as having absolutely no problem with the pickles.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a sandwich at a restaurant with a side of pickles, which I did not eat. (I haven’t graduated to that yet.) I also ordered a side of fries, and a few were completely soaked in the vinegar. I had them anyway, and thought they were delightful. The change in opinion was complete.

I like to joke that I’m getting softer as I get older, and I also once had a theory that the pandemic-forced reevaluation of priorities also meant I became a less picky eater. After some reflection, I think I just became a more curious eater (and possibly person) than I was when I was younger. Before the pandemic-related shutdown, I was planning to explore cuisines I was unfamiliar with. I was also beginning a process where I revisited some of the foods that I was almost traumatized by, wondering if my opinions could still be relevant if they were based on a small sample size of experiences that were from several years earlier.

I joke again when I say this might be a sign that I’m growing up. I’m remembering this article from 2018 titled “The Men Who Eat Like Boys,” so maybe culinary exploration isn’t a tried and true example of adulthood. Regardless, I am thrilled to finally get rid of an unpopular food opinion.

tl;dr: I like pickles now. Maybe it’s a sign I’m becoming more curious, but regardless I’m happy to ditch an unpopular food opinion.

Stay informed, read this: ex-Washington Spirit defender Kaiya McCullough argues only players can fix a culture of abuse in the NWSL and elsewhere for The Washington Post

Links of the Day

Preston North End owner Trevor Hemmings died aged 86.

Denmark qualified for the 2022 World Cup.

Hungary fans clashed with police ahead of the team’s 2022 World Cup qualifier at England.

Albania-Poland was temporarily halted when home fans throw bottles on the pitch after Poland’s Karol Świderski scored the game’s lone goal.

Manchester United’s Raphaël Varane will miss a few weeks with a groin injury.

Amazon is producing Rooney, a documentary about Derby manager Wayne Rooney and his mental health.

A longer read: Jack Murley interviews referee James Adcock on coming out as gay and the acceptance he’s experienced in football for the BBC