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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Monday, October 25

Let’s take a ride to the Easy Plateau.

Brighton & Hove Albion Women v Tottenham Hotspur Women - Barclays FA Women’s Super League Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Happy Monday, Spurs fans! Pardeep has the day off today, so it’s yours truly with another Song of the Day Hoddle.

I’ve been an Americana fan for decades now. If you imagine a Venn diagram, Americana is a big circle that includes a whole host of smaller circles representing various musical genres — classic country, modern country, alt-country, folk, alt-folk, singer-songwriters, bluegrass, newgrass, folk-rock, etc. It’s a big tent. I have my favorite sub-genres, of course, but as I get older I find that my listening habits become a little more broad.

That’s where Spotify tends to come in. Its procedurally generated playlists and ability to add related songs to the ends of my custom playlists have led to some musical discoveries for me over the years, and I found another artist in the past week.

I don’t know how I missed Ryan Adams when he first emerged on the scene in the early Aughties, but he popped up for me on a favorite playlist of mine that heavily featured artists such as Steve Gunn, Kurt Vile, Jenny Lewis, and Neko Case. My intro to Ryan Adams was his Cold Roses double-album, but I pretty quickly devoured the rest of his catalog. Many of you might already know of him — I’m late to this party, I know — but here’s the song that hooked me: “Easy Plateau” from 2008.

Here are some football links for you on this Monday.

Remember Cameron Lancaster? The Spurs academy graduate has found a home in USA, and is currently with Louisville FC in the USL. He scored a hat trick on Saturday in a match against Memphis. Here are the highlights (they’re fun!)

UK police are looking into an “offensive banner” critical of the new Saudi owners of Newcastle and which displays some of the regime’s actual atrocities displayed by Crystal Palace fans during yesterday’s draw with Toon. This is apparently worthy of police investigation.

FIFA has apparently bungled up an investigation of sexual harrassment at a U-15 girls team in Mongolia.

The managers of both Roma (Jose Mourinho) and Napoli (Luciano Spaletti) were sent off during this weekend’s 0-0 Serie A match.

A longer read — The BBC discusses the increasingly crowded football calendar and how it impacts global warming.