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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Tuesday, October 26

Adele, Tottenham, and a lot of questions

West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Rob Newell - CameraSport via Getty Images

Hello, all!

I come with an important question: How is Tipping Point real?

Ramble of the Day

Tottenham’s greatest accomplishment in the last week is, unsurprisingly given recent form, not something that happened on the pitch. Vogue dropped the latest in its series of 73 questions with its cover stars, this time helping Adele tease her upcoming album 30.

Tottenham is name-dropped pretty early on, and I’ll warn you now that you may wince at the interviewer saying “Hotspurs.” (Adele is classy and disregards that entirely.) She takes the opportunity to sing proudly about Spurs, which makes me wonder when this video was shot. Maybe it’s more about her confidence in her singing ability — she should definitely be more confident about that than Tottenham, but maybe even average singers should too.

Tottenham mention aside, it’s actually a fascinating video and it calls for one of my favorite types of Hoddle: the thoughts in bulletpoint form Hoddle. Without further ado:

  • There weren’t questions about it, but I love her kitchen cabinets. (I have recently developed an interest in colorful kitchen cabinets.)
  • Adele admits to buying “stringy cheese for my son,” which reminds me to mention my dislike for string cheese. It is definitely one of the worst ways to eat cheese, and I have to imagine one of those things children like at a larger percentage than adults do. (I don’t necessarily think children have bad taste, but this might be an example of it.)
  • For me, Adele’s most questionable opinion in this video is that she hates slides. I have a pair of slides that slide off my feet somewhat regularly, but I essentially live in a pair of indoor slides now and love them dearly. They’re so easy to wear, and I think she should reconsider.
  • Adele does answer questions of more substance, and her honesty feels so brutal at times. She’s clear about heartbreak and tough life decisions she’s made. Based on this and her first single from 30, “Easy on Me,” I imagine this this album is going to be extremely emotional and raw.
  • If I’m going to wade into a British royal family debate, I will say this: picking between Princes William and Harry is easy.
  • In relation to a previous comment, I maintain Adele’s opinion about slides is more questionable than her opinion that the Spice Girls are better than the Beatles. I’m willing to listen to arguments on that question.
  • I love Adele’s suggestion that Jonathan Majors should be the next James Bond. It’s a unique choice. I wouldn’t argue that Daniel Craig’s Bond is a tired version of the character, but it feels like the speculation around the next Bond is uninspiring right now. That could change at any time, and I hope it does.

tl;dr: Adele signs “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” for Vogue and also talks about a lot of other things.

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Links of the Day

The Canadian Soccer Association agreed to a set of demands from the women’s national team in an effort to combat a culture of abuse.

Police will take no action against Crystal Palace supporters after they displayed a banner criticizing the Saudi sovereign wealth fund’s takeover of Newcastle.

EST.1885, a group consisting of Bury FC supporters, agreed to purchase the club and Gigg Lane Stadium.

Barcelona and Boca Juniors will play for the Diego Maradona Cup in December, a tribute match to the Argentine international in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A longer read: David Conn on the Hillsborough families, who continue the search for accountability decades after the tragedy that killed their loved ones for the Guardian