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Reports: Tottenham open to January offers for Dele

This feels like an inevitability. Fly free, Dele!

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Tottenham Hotspur Training and Press Conference Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

To anyone who has followed the Dele Discourse™ over the past year or so, this won’t be a surprise — according to multiple sources, including David Ornstein at The Athletic and Dan Kilpatrick at the Evening Standard, Tottenham Hotspur are now open to offers for the attacking midfielder when the transfer window opens in January.

Dele’s star has been on the decline ever since Mauricio Pochettino left the club two years ago and has seen his playing time dwindle further and further as time has gone on. And while he had a brief resurgence in the starting lineup at the beginning of this season under Nuno Espirito Santo, he’s barely sniffed the lineup at all under Antonio Conte, with his confidence looking in tatters.

The Standard says that Spurs don’t think any club will be willing to meet their valuation of Dele, whose contract goes until 2024, so any move next month is likely to be a loan. Interestingly, the Standard also states that Daniel Levy rejected a loan offer for Dele from Mauricio Pochettino and PSG this summer, but that Poch is unlikely to go back in for him next month.

As a founding member of the Dele Defense League™, I am saddened by this move, but also think that if he’s not going to make it under Conte, he’s probably just not going to make it at Spurs, at least now. A loan move would allow him to resurrect his career and make something of a fresh start, and then hopefully reinvigorate him back at Tottenham, or raise interest from other clubs for a permanent move.

But where would he go? It’s unclear. There’s been some suggestions that there’s interest in Dele in Germany, though nothing specific or necessarily strong. Some have also seen this as basically a clarion call for Newcastle, though I think Dele could also thrive at a place like Brighton & Hove Albion under tactics that would better suit his game.

But Dele undoubtedly needs to go somewhere. I hate that it’s come to this, but ultimately just want the best for him at a place that will value him and get the best out of his unique skill set. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like Tottenham Hotspur, and it’s just sad.