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Analyzing Conte’s midfield three vs Liverpool

Tottenham Hotspur just played West Ham, but you didn’t think Carty Free was done talking about our performance against Liverpool, did you?

The biggest, most impactful change that Conte made against Liverpool was setting up with a midfield three instead of a midfield two. Liverpool are known for their wide build up play with Salah and Alexander Arnold on the right, and Mane and Robertson on the left. Through player rotations and pinpoint short passing, they’re able to create dangerous situations - except when facing Tottenham this past weekend.

Spurs’ midfield three was able to stifle this build-up play as the ball near midfielder combined with one of the ball near centerback/forward and the wingback.

Through this setup Spurs were able to maintain at least numerical parity, but usually superiority on the left and right flanks - a major reason Mane and Salah were unable to affect the game.

Had Conte lined Spurs up with a two man midfield, Tottenham would have had much more trouble with Liverpool’s attack - this is something that we saw against West Ham, something I plan to write about in the upcoming days.

In the video below, I discuss in much more detail Tottenham’s three man midfield both in and out of possession + analyze Sessegnon’s and Dele Alli’s performance.