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Is USWNT star Kristie Mewis joining Tottenham Hotspur Women?

A blurry photo and a cryptic social post by Kyah Simon suggests... maybe!

Australia v USA - International Friendly: Game 2 Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Let’s take a break from COVID doomerism today, because I’ve got some potentially JUICY transfer news involving Tottenham Hotspur Women. How about this — there’s a non-zero chance that Houston Dash and USWNT star midfielder Kristie Mewis might be joining Spurs Women in the near future after a grainy image emerged from training that purportedly shows Mewis in the background.

Here’s the image in question. Annotations are mine.

OK, so a pixelated image from a video screencap that shows a blonde woman with a messy high bun on a Spurs Women training pitch isn’t very compelling evidence, I know. But there’s more! Because this image (or a version of it) was recently shared on a (now gone) Instagram story by Australia international and Tottenham striker Kyah Simon with the caption “Blink and you’ll miss it.”

Kyah Simon is of course international teammates and friends with Sam Kerr, who signed with Chelsea this summer, and Kerr is Kristie Mewis’ partner. With that in mind, it’s not crazy to think that Mewis might be willing to make a hop across the pond to play in the same city as her honey. The WSL transfer window opens on January 1. The plot thickens!

There are, of course, alternate and very good reasons why Mewis might be training with Spurs on a temporary basis without necessarily signing for Spurs. First, y’know, it might not be her. Second, who knows — maybe she’s visiting Sam and needed a place to train and her mutual friend Kyah offered up Tottenham (although in that case it would make much more sense to train with Sam at Chelsea, right?).

But! Mewis, 30, is a full-blown star for the USWNT with 33 caps and 4 goals for her country and a nailed-on starter for the Dash. Tottenham, meanwhile, are a team on the ascendency in the WSL, already boasting a win over Manchester City and a hard-fought draw against Arsenal this season. They also have one of the best training facilities in world football and are looking like a club that’s poised to start attracting top talent. It would be a HUGE get for Tottenham if Mewis is interested in signing for Spurs, even if (as expected) it’s a short term deal while the NWSL is in its offseason.

Keep your powder dry on this one. It might not be true. But holy moly, what if it is?!?