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The rumors of Julian Nagelsmann’ interest in Spurs is gaining steam

It’s the hope that kills you, right?


Tottenham Hotspur’s immediate future rests on the shoulders of Jose Mourinho. With Spurs all but out of the top four race, barring a turnaround of form, the success of the season will be dictated by the Carabao Cup final and the Europa League campaign. Mourinho’s future is very much in doubt and the lack of silverware in this season probably spells the end of his tenure this summer.

Results will dictate how the story plays out, but there’s a man waiting in the wings according to reports this week from Germany. Julian Nagelsmann, the man in charge of RB Leipzig, is apparently quite interested in taking over if there’s a vacancy. Christian Falk, a beat writer in Germany, is the one suggesting this.

The reports have been somewhat wishy-washy before this week, but with London beat writers suggesting Mourinho’s job is under scrutiny and German writers getting into the fray, it’s hard to say this isn’t a thing. There remain some questions as to why Chelsea didn’t go after Nagelsmann after being linked to him when Frank Lampard was sacked, though the answer is probably that Nagelsmann didn’t want to leave mid-season.

Spurs seem content to ride out the season with Mourinho, and with the Carabao Cup final pushed back until the end of April, we’ll probably know what the club is thinking based on performances and results. Spurs haven’t won a trophy since the League Cup back in 2008 and supporters want silverware. With the poor form of the squad in the league compounding things, the standard three season timeline that Mourinho seems to bring might have skipped a few stops along the way.

Nagelsmann is considered one of the brightest minds in European football and should be at the top of any club’s wishlist. If he’s available this summer and Spurs sack Mourinho, this is a no-brainer. He’ll be pricey, especially adding Mourinho’s potential buyout to the mix, but it’s worth every penny to lock him up if this is how the dominoes fall.