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Tottenham’s 2021-22 home kit has leaked on the internet, and traditionalist fans will love it

You’re not going to believe this: it’s a white shirt.

It’s kit leak season, and now we’ve gotten the first real look at what very well could be Tottenham Hotspur’s home shirt for the 2021-2022 Premier League season. The leak comes courtesy of Footy-Headlines, which is still the go-to website for football kit, ball, and shoe design leaks.

Their tweet features an image of the new design and — you’re not going to believe this — it’s a white shirt.

But here’s the thing: it’s not just a white shirt. It’s LITERALLY a white shirt. Based on this image it doesn’t look like there are any secondary color design elements on it at all, apart from the cock-on-ball and swoosh graphics, and the red AIA sponsor logo.

That’s it. It’s a white shirt with a red logo. Go Spurs?

As always, these shirts are going to divide the fanbase, but possibly less than they do usually. In fact, there’s a certain segment of fans who have been clamoring for just this very thing, and those fans will be super, duper happy with this image. There hasn’t been a shirt this plain since the 2011-12 season, but when you’re a football club that plays in white shirts and blue shorts it does tend to limit what you can do design-wise.

I’m sure Nike will put out some corporate design-speak about how the shape of the collar harkens back to the classic shirt worn in the 1973 League Cup final or some crap, but come on. It’s a white shirt.

The photo shows what looks like some sort of subtle design or pattern on the shirt fabric itself, which I’d expect, but otherwise it’s plane Jane. Some are going to absolutely love this, but I’m gonna be honest and find it hard to justify spending £70+ for something that looks like it took a design intern about 30 seconds to come up with.

OK, commentariat. State your takes. Go!