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Lucas Moura finding joy at Tottenham from deep and middle of the pitch

In this tactics video, Andres Ramirez looks at Lucas Moura’s performance against Crystal Palace and how his role has changed for Spurs since a central shift.

Lucas Moura is similar to Moussa Sissoko in that they’ve both found themselves to be ever present in Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur lineups due to their athleticism and sheer pace that can become the impetus of a Spurs attack. Even at 28, Lucas is tireless and can use his explosive speed to carry the ball forward past the opposition’s defensive lines. Although he has a knack for some great finishes, he can also be frustrating to watch. This is another way he’s similar to Sissoko - for all of his positive traits, his shortcomings are just as apparent over the course of 90 minutes. He can often dribble straight into opposition, and his passing (although positive in that he looks to progress the play) can sometimes not come off.

He had a great game against Palace playing a bit of a different role than where Mourinho has played him in the past. In this video I take a short look at Lucas’ performance and why I found it so exciting.

On Cartilage Free Captain news - I plan to make weekly videos in this vein to continue to engage with you guys. To that end, I’d be ecstatic to hear your ideas on future videos, and hear your thoughts on the the video itself here on CFC and on Youtube.

Cheers all, thanks for making this such an enjoyable venture.