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On the Break Episode 1: Aston Villa Match Review

We’re pivoting to video!

Greetings, Tottenham Hotspur fans! I’m excited to announce that we’re trying out something new here at Cartilage Free Captain.

We’re pivoting to video!

Above is the first episode of what we hope will be a recurring short video series on Carty Free’s YouTube channel. Hosted by Jonathan Liebling and CFC tactician Andres Ramirez, On the Break will feature short match reviews but probably also other topics of discussion as well. It’s a project in development and we’ll see where this leads, but we think it’ll be a nice complement to Wheeler Dealer Radio, our weekly audio podcast, and also reach a new audience.

The idea is to also have a third participant that will rotate over time. Who knows, you might even see yours truly from time to time.

Episode 1 is a match review of Tottenham’s 2-0 win over Aston Villa that turned around what was a truly septem horribilis for Spurs after a North London Derby loss and a second loss in the Europa League against Dinamo Zagreb.

Let us know what you think — what did you like, where can we improve? What kinds of topics would you like to see talked about?

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