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Spurs painted into a corner by new sponsor’s deleted tweets

The Twitter admin of Dulux Paints had some fun at Tottenham’s expense today. It didn’t go over well.

The social media admin of Tottenham Hotspur’s newest sponsor got a little bit in over their head with some clever banter today. Spurs announced that Dulux Paints UK would serve as the club’s “first official paint sponsor” on Twitter this morning, posting photos of the company’s adorable white dog running through the halls at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

According to Tottenham’s press release about the sponsorship, the British paint brand will be used for interior spaces throughout the new stadium plus in Lilywhite House and the Hotspur Way training center.

Unfortunately for Dulux, their social media manager took things a little too far, engaging in some not-well-thought-out banter with replies to the original tweet that have since been deleted. Thankfully, we have screenshots.

Ouch. I can’t prove that the Dulux UK twitter admin is an early 20-something who at one point frequently posted as an edgelord shitposting teen on social media. But you can’t prove to me that this ISN’T true either. The tweets in question are now gone, and I’m willing to bet so is that person and their #epic #banter.

That’s all I really have to say on this subject, so instead, let’s turn it over to you for your best paint jokes and puns. The most groan-worthy wins a billion cans of Internet Paint.