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Jose Mourinho promises quick return to football in street-side interview

“I’m always in football.”

Jose Mourinho Sacked Photo by Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images

We have our first footage of a now-unemployed Jose Mourinho, and... well, ok, it’s a little bit sad. Sky Sports apparently caught up to Mourinho outside of what might be his home as he was unpacking the contents of his former office from his car.

Take a look.

Look, I don’t like the guy and I never have. I’m beyond delighted that he’s no longer in charge of Spurs, but I’m also a human being. As a person who has personally experienced rejection I can certainly have compassion for a guy who’s clearly done amazing things in this business. And I have to say, even after everything, watching Mourinho pulling framed portraits of his football successes out of his car while avoiding commenting on the fact that he just got s—t-canned by Tottenham Hotspur actually tugs on my heartstrings a tad.

Just a little bit. Like, eensy-beensy. This ( >< ) much.

There’s not much in this interview. Mourinho graciously refuses to throw Daniel Levy or the club under the bus, at least this time, and he’s also respectful and polite to the Sky interviewer (Gary?) who is trying to get juice from him. Say one thing for Mourinho, he can be magnanimous when he wants to be.

The big takeaway here is that he says he’s not taking a break, and that he’s “always in football.” I assume he’ll turn up before too long on television with carefully worded hot-takes on the Super League and the future of club football. Until then, don’t drop those pictures, Jose — they look expensive.