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BREAKING NEWS: Chelsea reportedly pull out of Super League

Well that was fun. Bring on the punishments!

Fans Respond To News Of Football Super League Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

The European Super League may be dead before it ever comes to fruition.

Amidst almost universal backlash from supporters, pundits, players and legends, those involved in the ESL have tried to stay mum and weather the storm. It hasn’t even been 48 hours, but cracks had already formed in the wall. Those cracks are now gaping holes as it’s been reported by multiple sources that Chelsea have pulled out of the Super League.

While we’re clearly not a Chelsea blog, this directly affects Tottenham Hotspur given they are a founding member of the proposed Super League. Florentino Perez, who has spent the better part of the last day and a half shoving his entire leg into his mouth, insists that this is the way forward and everyone should get on board and deal with it.

If this is true, the Super League stands no chance of getting off the ground. Reports suggested that the reason the Sky Six got on board was because they could protect themselves from expulsion from the EPL as it requires a 75% vote from current league members. Chelsea breaking away from the group ends that protection.

There have been protests at stadiums around England and Spurs supporters are involved. Protests were planned for today and tomorrow at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as the sentiment is shared with just about everyone: The Super League may destroy football as we know it, if not entirely.

Lost in all of this is the fact that Spurs just fired their manager, have a match tomorrow against Southampton, AND have a cup final on Sunday at Wembley Stadium. Between now and Sunday, so much more can happen in regard to those who participated in the forming of this Super League. There has been speculation that the members could be docked points for breaching EPL rules but none of that has been confirmed nor has a clear rule been pointed out for doing so.

There will be repercussions to this but we don’t know what that looks like. For now, we know that just about everyone is mad at this decision and have rejected it. The clubs involved can scream into the void all they want about how this is the only way forward when, in fact, it’s not. This is the only way they want it go to forward and it’s clear they underestimated the backlash.

Tottenham, it’s time to order a big plate of crow and chow down. Save what face you can and get out of the Super League.

UPDATE (2:09 PM ET): Manchester City have reportedly pulled out of the Super League, per Martin Lipton:

UPDATE #2 (2:23 PM ET): Add Barca and Atleti to the list.

UPDATE #3 (2:28 PM ET): LOL