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On the Break: Tottenham and the European Super League

Jonathan and Andres are joined by some guy with a beard to talk Super League madness.

Fans Respond To News Of Football Super League Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

In this latest edition of On the Break, hosts Jon and Andrés are joined by Cartilage Free Captain Managing Editor Dustin George-Miller (Editor’s note: that guy? sheesh) to discuss the ramifications of the European Super League (ESL) and what it means for Tottenham to be a part of the 6 want-away clubs. We discuss everything from past club actions that may have hinted at such a move to how this affects Tottenham fans everywhere.

Obviously, this was recorded last night before the latest events, which as of now make it look like everything is falling apart. It’s still a good discussion.

What do you think about Super League, and are you happy that Spurs are a part of it? Have your say in the comments below. And be sure check out our YouTube channel and give it a follow to stay up to date on all of our new video offerings.