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Report: Nagelsmann “tempted” by Tottenham job

Hope is a thing with feathers.

RB Leipzig v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It’s the hope that kills you. A week after we essentially declared the Julian Nagelsmann to Tottenham Hotspur rumors dead and buried thanks to the likely opening at Bayern Munich, here comes some fresh supposition from a Bundesliga journalist with ties to the Nagelsmann camp saying... not so fast, my friends.

My reaction to this is twofold. First — JULIAN NAGELSMANN IS A SPURS FAN ZOMG?!?!?

Second, this isn’t really a news release as much as it is something on which Tottenham fans can rest their hopes and dreams. There’s not much here that’s substantial — it appears to be more that someone close to Nagelsmann thinks he could be tempted by a move to Spurs if he doesn’t want the Bayern job, which doesn’t seem like a totally insane thing to think.

Going from RB Leipzig to Bayern is a pretty huge, if not insurmountable, leap. Bayern is one of the biggest jobs in world football, and while I’m sure Nagelsmann likes money as much as the rest of us, that job comes with a ton of pressure. The Tottenham job is high pressure as well, but less so than moving to the biggest club in Germany, so if you want you can certainly wishcast yourself into believing a scenario where Nagelsmann might think coming to England to a club that’s bottomed out a bit but has high upside might be a good intermediate step in his career.

Emily Dickinson once wrote that Hope is a thing with feathers. After a pretty momentous week in the life of Tottenham Hotspur, wouldn’t we all like a little hope?

Update: Hope is dumb, kill it with fire.