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La Liga interest in Harry Winks continues to rise

Atletico, Sevilla, Valencia said to be reaching out

FBL-AUS-ESP-ENG-ICC-ATLETICO-TOTTENHAM Photo credit should read SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images

Hi there, it’s me again. Remember when I said Harry Winks still has a place in this squad? Well, swing and a miss.

While I still feel he’s a strong rotational player, Tottenham Hotspur management and 94% of our fanbase disagree.

You know who does agree with me though? Spain. ¡Olé!

Sky is reporting Atletico Madrid has made several inquiries during the summer 2020 transfer window and interest remains high. Valencia and Sevilla are also said to be in the mix with valuations running as high as £20m.

It was only January when Jose Mourinho claimed there was no interest in losing Harry Winks any time soon. Daniel Levy insisted on holding onto the 25 year old English midfielder not only for his boyish good looks, but also for his homegrown status, and the perpetual belief he will continue to improve.

According to the Mirror, Daniel Levy and Jose may have changed their minds since the close of the winter transfer window. Diego Simeone is said to be a fan and with Harry having family ties in Spain, the move to La Liga ultimately makes sense.

Harry has been vocal about his frustrations for quite some time regarding his playing time and position within the squad. Moussa Sissoko is currently the favorite midfield substitute for Jose and the club has potentially already labeled Oliver Skipp next in line.

“My situation at Tottenham Hotpsur is difficult at the moment. I want to be in the starting XI in the Euros. It’s important that back at Tottenham I get the opportunities and stay in the team” - Winks in November 2020

You can understand his frustrations, to a point. Winksy believes he has a place on the England squad (debatable) and knows the only way he can get back there is by playing regular minutes. He won’t have regular minutes until his form improves. His form won’t improve unless he gets regular minutes. He won’t... well, you get it.

As an exercise, let us step into Harry’s size 7 (I’m guessing) boots for a second and flashback to January of 2021. You (you’re Harry) must be hearing the rumors of several large clubs wanting your name on their team sheet. An opportunity of earning your spot on the England squad for the Euros is back on the table. Your current club who is hardly giving you minutes just came out publicly to say you’re going nowhere. Oh, bummer.

So sure, maybe he got a bit of a raw deal yet it cannot be said he left it out on the pitch either. While the attention from clubs around Europe is flattering, I’m not entirely sure what he’s done in the last year to garner it. There was no focus, no ambition, and worst of all, no guts. Every backward and sideways pass was met with a collective moan. Every lost possession left fans (and Mourinho) rolling their eyes in exasperation. Most fans will be thrilled to see the back of him yet I’ll remain disappointed. Not because I’m some hopeless, starry-eyed, Harry Winks fan, but rather because there were a thousand other ways this could have ended without what’s clearly becoming a disgruntled separation. I’ll be waiting for the Trippier/Winks tell-all televnovela.

Despite everything, it seems increasingly likely Harry Winks will get his wish and be shipped off to Spain come the summer. It’s part of a larger transfer cleansing long overdue at Tottenham and his name won’t be the one fans will hold with benevolent nostalgia. No, sadly, this transfer came too late for both the fans, and likely for Harry and his ambition too.