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Tottenham’s 2021-22 third kits have leaked and they are WILD

Brace yourselves. Spurs are going to have a unique look next season away from home.

Kit leak season is here, and it is not holding back. Yesterday, kit leak website extraordinaire Footy Headlines dropped a color-exploding bomb on Tottenham Hotspur social media when it leaked what they predict will be Spurs’ third kits for the 2021-22 season.

And folks, they are WILD.


Previous links had hinted that we were getting purple third kits again this coming season, which put a lot of fans in an excited mood — the “Spurple” kits of the past have historically been some of the best and most well-liked kits in recent history. But woah, I’m not sure anyone expected... [gestures at images].

Now look, this is Nike. Going crazy-go-nuts on third kits has become something of a tradition in recent years, and even some of the wackier designs have wormed their way into Spurs fans’ hearts. Think about the teal third kits in 2019 that Spurs wore during the Miracle of Amsterdam — those were considered gross when first released and now they’re among fans’ favorite recent kits purely because of what happened while Spurs were wearing them. This year’s yellow gradient kits have certainly grown on me as well.

According to the writeup this current design apparently features photos of streets in and around the N17 post code and sure fine whatever. Besides, it’s not clear at this point how often Spurs would wear them, as they’re traditionally only used for away European matches and uh that’s a bit of an open question this season.

And besides, I’m of the opinion that third kits are where it’s perfectly acceptable to throw out something absolutely insane. Wanna take pictures of a north London street and turn it into a football kit? Why not! So honestly, I’m perfectly okay with these kits. Would I actually buy one and wear it in public? Mmmmmmmmmmmaybe?

That’s not all. Somehow, I missed the fact that Footy Headlines also leaked the away kits... not for this year, but for 2022-23 and well I think I actually have stronger takes on these. (It’s also wild that we’re getting legitimate leakes for kits more than a year out but we’ll let that go for now.)

Wow. This kit, as currently displayed, is a mess. It’s a weird combination of a purplish blue and black with a splash of neon yellow because... reasons? I also hated the centered badge and Nike logo the first time I saw it and I continue to not be a big fan. When this circulated around the Carty Free writer’s slack, the initial comment was “this looks like scuba gear” and I can’t disagree. Thanks, Nike — I hate it! (Maybe it’ll look better on the pitch.)

It’s not impossible that Footy Headlines has missed the mark here, but I doubt it. They’re almost always correct (or close enough to correct that it doesn’t really matter). Looks like we have something to ugh look foward to for two seasons from now.

Look, I know you have takes on these kits. So spill it in the comments. Go on, it’ll be cathartic.