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Add Hansi Flick to the list of potential, but unlikely, Tottenham Hotspur managers

According to the Telegraph, the former Bayern boss is of interest to Daniel Levy, but he still appears destined for Die Mannschaft.

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FC Bayern Muenchen v Borussia Moenchengladbach - Bundesliga Photo by Roland Krivec/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The longer Tottenham Hotspur’s search for a new managerial appointment goes on, the more likely it is that we’re going to start hearing about names that are coming straight out of left field. Take this rumor, for example — Sam Wallace, writing a mostly-opinion piece in the Telegraph (£) about what Daniel Levy is looking for in a manager, threw a new name into the mix today: departing Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick.

Hansi Flick is, for instance, a figure of interest for Daniel Levy, the Spurs chairman, and one can see why, with Bayern Munich’s Champions League last season and a role in Germany’s World Cup win on his resumé. It gives a man standing and inspires confidence in the club that this is a credible figure whose appointment will not be met with a wave of derision as it is consumed on social media. Never mind that he would not, for instance, even have been a consideration before he was promoted to the top job by Bayern 18 months ago. There is comfort to be taken in what he represents.

The Flick rumor comes in the overall context of the piece, which goes into detail about how Daniel Levy is looking for a new manager who has a high profile “and whose most recent season has been a success.” If you believe that line of thinking, it shrinks Tottenham’s pool of available managers dramatically. (Wallace concludes his piece by suggesting, tongue-in-cheek, that the ideal candidate based on the above criteria is none other than Unai Emery)

Flick, for the record, might fit that model in theory, and despite being heavily linked with the open Die Mannschaft position vacated by Jogi Low, has not made it official. Our friends at Bavarian Football Works referenced some odd comments that seem to suggest that his commitment to the Germany job may not be as solid as what everyone thinks.

But this seems like wishcasting more than anything else. While there would be some kind of irony in appointing Flick at Spurs — this is the guy who’s resignation at Bayern tipped over the first domino that led to Spurs missing out on Julian Nagelsmann — there doesn’t appear to be much other than a vague assertion of interest to imply that Flick is even interested in coming to Spurs. His inclusion in Wallace’s article seems to be more because he’s ostensibly available and fills the “established coach with a strong profile and a recent season of success” criteria than any strong reporting.

That’s not going to stop the rumor mill from churning, of course. Despite tons of journalists and ITK dispersing nuggets of “knowledge,” the truth is that we really have no idea who Tottenham are really interested in. Daniel Levy appears to be keeping his cards very close to his vest on this one, and it’s likely we won’t know until we get some solid reporting that Tottenham are “in talks” with a candidate.

So is Flick a candidate? I’m sure he’s on a list somewhere. I’m also almost 100% certain he’ll be leading out Die Mannschaft after the EUROS when Low officially steps down.