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Tottenham hope to appoint new manager within ten days

According to Alasdair Gold, Spurs have their man, but it won’t be easy to get him.

Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa - Premier League
No, it’s not this guy.
Photo by Jacques Feeney/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur’s 2020-21 season is over! Rejoice! Now that there aren’t any matches to worry about for a good long while, all speculation can immediately shift to who will be Spurs’ next manager, since it’s been a hot minute and still nobody seems to have any idea.

However, according to Alasdair Gold, we may find out within a week and a half. Writing in Gold wrote that, while the list of candidates has been kept very close to Daniel Levy’s vest, a top candidate has been identified and Spurs will begin the process of trying to pry them away from their “current club.” understands that the club have now decided on their top candidate and hope to appoint them within the next seven to ten days if they can come to an agreement with the candidate’s current club.

That is not understood to be an easy undertaking and it will test Tottenham’s financial resolve.

Well! That’s clarifying, at least slightly. The bit about “the candidate’s current club” suggests that whoever it is currently has a job, so that seems to rule out Ralf Rangnick, at least for the head coach position. That doesn’t leave us with many more clues, however, except that financially it could be expensive.

Gold goes on to basically rule out Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers from consideration, especially after Rodgers said after today’s match that he’s “200% committed” to the Foxes going forward. That may or may not be true, but he’d look like a giant asshole if he went back on his word after saying that.

So who’s left? Erik Ten Hag recent signed a new contract with Ajax, and while that seemed to rule him out at the time it might have just been in order to make it more difficult and expensive for him to move. Graham Potter probably isn’t making a lot of money at Brighton, but he signed a deal last summer through 2025 and Brighton will probably want to be compensated for that. There’s also the possibility of a “Mystery Manager” out of left field that we don’t know about.

However, knowing Tottenham we’ll just give up any chance at a manager for... what’s inside the Box of Mystery!