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LEAKED: Tottenham’s 2021-22 away kits are as wild as their thirds

These kits are on drugs.

As you’ve probably seen all over social media right now, the 2021-22 Tottenham Hotspur home kits are now available for sale. And as promised, they’re a white shirt with a red logo — no frills, nothing fancy.

But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. Instead, let’s talk about the 2021-22 Nike away kits, which today were leaked by Spurs Web (via kit leak extraordinaire website Footy Headlines) ... and which are pretty much BONKERS.

WHOA. That is... something, all right. Previous leaks about next season’s aways suggested that they were going to be black, another color that Spurs don’t traditionally wear. And I guess yeah, technically you could call those black kits with an absolutely wild color wash print all over them and acid yellow logos and lettering. They’re paired with black shorts.

If these are right, and I have absolutely no doubt that they are, it means that next season Nike has made a completely normal, boring home kit, followed by two change kits that are on peyote. Don’t forget the third kits are another wild purple/yellowish print that is ostensibly “inspired by the streets in N17”.

I shouldn’t like these. I feel like most of the time I’d look at something like this with something akin to aghast horror. And yet... I dig them. I don’t know that I’d actually buy one if it weren’t on clearance in a year or so, but I’m deathly curious to see what Spurs will look like on the pitch next season in these kits.