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Tottenham’s 2021-22 home kits available in USA via Kitbag

Order a kit, send a little money Carty Free’s way.

Photo provided by Tottenham Hotspur

You know, we never really did cover the release of Tottenham Hotspur’s new 2021-22 home kits on this here website. We certainly did in the lead-up and through the various kit leaks along the way, but when the official kits dropped... well, I got busy.

I’m not telling you to buy a home kit. I’d never do that. In fact I probably won’t buy one myself this year only because this year’s homes are a blinding expanse of white cloth with excellent white detailing and a red AIA logo and look man, I know myself.

But some of you are. And a subset of that corpus are people who have not yet already ordered one. If you’re in that subset of Spurs fans, are planning on ordering a home kit and haven’t done so yet, you might consider ordering from Kitbag, an official licensing and distribution outlet for Tottenham Hotspur merchandise and a partner of SB Nation. And you might also consider ordering it via this referral link so that a small percentage of that purchase will benefit Cartilage Free Captain via an affiliate program.

I’m not telling you what to do, I’d never do that. Don’t want to buy a kit? Fine with me! I’m just saying, I’d like to remodel my kitchen someday and every little bit helps, you know? †

The kits are extremely lilywhite, and also extremely COYS. You can’t get more Tottenham than that, but you can get them quicker and maybe a little cheaper than you can from the official Tottenham Hotspur club shop.

† — Just kidding, every bit of it’s going to a charity, like we always do.