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Report: Pochettino has asked to leave PSG

But Madrid are snooping around. Hands off, Florentino — he’s ours!

Newcastle United v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Ian Horrocks/Getty Images

The dramatic Mauricio Pochettino Returns to Tottenham Hotspur rumors dropped like a bomb on Thursday with reports that the Argentine was considering not only leaving PSG after six months in charge, but that Spurs have contacted him about the possibility of returning as manager.

Then, things got quiet.

But today, has dropped another enticing report, suggesting that Pochettino has formally asked to leave PSG amidst dissatisfaction with life in Paris, and amidst interest from both Tottenham and Real Madrid.

Pochettino has told PSG officials that he would like to terminate his contract, leaving sporting director Leonardo uncertain with regards how best to move forward.

PSG had planned to keep faith in their project with the Argentine through to 2022, despite the team’s failure to hold onto the Ligue 1 title last season.

Pochettino still has a special affection towards the club and Goal has learned that he will respect whatever decision they make regarding his future, even if it means carrying on in the dugout for another 12 months.

If accurate, this is huge and suddenly everything just got a bit more real. If Poch really does want out, it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever for PSG to keep ahold of him against his wishes. Poch only has 12 months left on his initial 18 month contract, and if he were to leave now PSG would get some compensation for him. If they refuse to let him go, then he can leave next summer for nothing, and in the meantime they have a disgruntled manager leading the team who doesn’t want to be there. If, and that’s a big IF, Poch wants out then he’ll get out sooner rather than later.

The concerning part is the bit about Pochettinio being the preferred candidate for Real Madrid. On the one hand, if Poch is looking for more power and money, then a move to Real is probably his best option. However, if he’s trying to escape a controlling climate at a rich football club that has unrealistic expectations for success and a somewhat toxic administrative structure, then lol welp I’m not sure moving to Madrid would help, Mauricio.

Goal goes on to say that Madrid have identified Raul and Antonio Conte as options if Pochettino turns down the job. It’s also not difficult to see Zinedine Zidane swooping in to replace Poch at PSG. With a nostalgic return to Tottenham — a place we know he was happy at for a long time — potentially on the cards, is anyone else getting excited?