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PSG reportedly trigger one year contract extension clause in Pochettino’s contract

PSG is doing their best to prevent Dad from coming home.


Remember when Erik Ten Hag was strongly linked with a move from Ajax to Tottenham Hotspur to become their new manager, and then Ajax went and triggered a contract extension clause in his contract?

Well, it may have happened again. According to Europe1 football journalist Julien Froment, PSG has done something similar, with Director of Sport Leonardo now saying that Pochettino’s contract runs through the end of the 2022-23 season. That’s a year longer than the 18 month contract he originally signed, and suggests that there’s just that sort of clause in Pochettino’s agreement.

Run that tweet through the Google Translate machine, and you get the following:

And when #Leonardo says Mauricio #Pochettino has a 2-year contract, the optional year has been activated. He had signed until June 2022, plus an optional year.

Honestly, this may not change much in the grand scheme of things. If Pochettino really wants to go, there isn’t much that will prevent him from leaving unless Leonardo really wants a disgruntled manager leading one of the richest and best teams in world football for the next two seasons.

This smacks more of PSG just trying to claw back a little bit more leverage, or get Tottenham (or Real Madrid) to pony up a little more compensation to pry Poch out of Paris. If Poch is serious about wanting to get out, it certainly won’t stop a deal from being made. It might, however, give PSG a little more time to get their act together and start formulating a plan.