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Telegraph: City to make play to purchase Harry Kane this summer

“Green light” = massive bid?

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Manchester City v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Alexander Hassenstein - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

I know we’re all excited by the prospects of Dad coming back home, but there’s another big story swirling around this summer — the future of Harry Kane. If you predicted that Manchester City, one of the few mega-clubs with the cash to actually consider making a serious effort for Kane, might come in hot after losing the Champions League final to Chelsea last weekend, well you may be right. Today the Telegraph is reporting that City have been given the “green light” to go after Kane by Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak this summer, though it would take a massively huge bid to tempt Daniel Levy.

Khaldoon had some pointed words about how City can improve after losing to Chelsea in the one major competition that has still eluded the club, and it’s not too hard to read between the lines here.

“One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that you need to constantly bring talent into the team, refresh and particularly when you are at a high level, at the top. Having won the league, it is not actually the time to sit back and be content. That would be your biggest mistake. This is actually the time to send a strong message that there is no contentment and that we are not just satisfied with just winning the league.

“We lose a very important legend in Sergio Aguero, very hard shoes to fill but I am confident we will find the right player to fill those shoes. There are other areas in the team that need investment, not too many. It’s not about numbers, it is about quality. The squad is a phenomenal squad, which you must have to win the Premier League and get to the Champions League final.

“We will bring quality to the squad in a couple of key positions.”

This really does have the feel of post-Champions League final overreaction, but if that overreaction results in a £150-200m legitimate bid for Kane, well I guess that’s good too in a way. Kane is amazing and we love him (even if we’re still mad at him right now) but that’s some seriously good money and could go a long way towards the “long, painful rebuild” that we’ve said Spurs need for years now.

Nobody WANTS Harry Kane to leave, but Harry sure seems like he will, so if it’s going to happen we might as well get our full money’s worth. I suspect, however, that even if City come in hot it might take until well after the Euros before anything gets fully decided. Brace yourselves for a long summer of speculation.