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DiMarzio: Fonseca managerial talks break down, Tottenham contacting Gennaro Gattuso


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AS Roma v Atalanta BC - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Just when you thought everything was good and happy times were to come at Tottenham Hotspur, we get thrown what looks like the curve-ball to end all curve-balls. According to Gianluca DiMarzio, talks have broken down between Spurs and Paulo Fonseca, despite a verbal agreement for the former Roma manager to take over as head coach.

Not only that, the report also states that Spurs have reached out to Gennaro Gattuso to gauge his interest in the position.

Fabrizio Romano was quick to corroborate DiMarzio’s report, but Fab often runs with the news as reported by others, so YMMV.

This is breaking news. We don’t know much, and it needs to be verified by others before we go too far down this road. It does seem really strange that we got close to a massive deal to appoint Antonio Conte, and are now about to lose a much, MUCH cheaper manager in Paulo Fonseca for financial disagreements. It’s weird, and we don’t know what it means or even how much of it is accurate.

Gennaro Gattuso literally just walked away from the head coach position at Fiorentina after just 20 days due to dissatisfaction with transfer strategies and finances.

This is incredible. Real great club we got here. Super well run. Solid.

We’ll update this as we learn more.

Update: The Athletic has it too, but with more context. Jack Pitt-Brooke writes that talks have indeed broken down with Fonseca and Spurs have moved on to Gennaro Gattuso, but the reason for talks breaking down was NOT for financial reasons — it’s just a decision they made. Spurs are about to make their next manager a guy who literally choked a former Tottenham Hotspur manager in Joe Jordan back in 2012. What are we DOING?

Update 2: From Alasdair Gold. It sure seems like Spurs just turned on a dime and decided to go after Gattuso. This is... just wild.