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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Tuesday, June 29

more oracular animals

Wales v Denmark - UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16 Photo by Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

Hi, all!

Allow me to share a fun fact that I think is truly great.

Ramble of the Day

A couple of weeks ago, I rambled about the latest group of oracular animals, and while I didn’t intend on it, I do have a couple of updates. First, R2D2 the Dog seems to be out of work after missing the very first prediction of the Euros. Achilles the Cat, meanwhile, has predicted at least three results correctly: in addition to saying Italy would beat Turkey, Achilles has predicted Belgium and Russia’s victories over Finland.

Second, there are more oracular animals. The folks at Unusual Efforts called on their followers to share whatever knowledge they have about the latest class of animals predicting major football tournaments, and there are probably too many.

The class of 2021 includes:

  • Boy, a lion from Thailand who predicted four outcomes correctly in the first week
  • Ola and Ozzie, a pair of otters who incorrectly said Scotland would beat England
  • A seagull who thinks England will beat Germany in a penalty shootout today

It seems like the abilities of these oracular animals are all over the place — Boy and Achilles seem to be better than the others, though we’re still waiting on the seagull. I wonder if it’s worth asking one of them who the next Tottenham manager might be, though. I wonder if it’s worth asking any animal who the next Tottenham manager will be. I’d love to know the answer.

tl;dr: There are more animals predicting Euro results, and I wonder if they can also predict who the next Tottenham manager will be.

Stay informed, watch this: Damien Duff and Richie Sadlier criticize UEFA for rejecting the opportunity for the Allianz Arena to light up rainbow in support of the LGBTQ+ community

Links of the Day

Arsenal women hired Jonas Eidevall as the team’s new manager.

Merseyside Police is investigating a banner threatening Rafa Benitez that was left near his home.

Bournemouth hired Scott Parker, who left Fulham after two years in charge.

A longer read: Zak Maoui and Teo van den Broeke interview Tottenham’s Son Heung-min on life off the field for British GQ